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6 reasons why Dublin is the best place to go to University

15 August 2012

So tomorrow (Thursday 16th July) is results day. Results day is a very weird day. After weeks of waiting, you walk in, pick up an envelope and then as the nerves jangle you read a piece of paper that will determine your ‘next steps’ in terms of work or further education. For some it will be elation as they receive the results they wanted and head off to the university of their choice; but for others it will be a very difficult day, as the results are not what they hoped and they are left somewhat stranded, wondering what their next move and opportunities are.

If you are one of those awaiting results, I’d like to discuss two things with you. Firstly, to look at 3 key principles that will help you respond in a godly way to your results (good or bad) and secondly, if you don’t get the results you wanted, give you 6 amazing reasons why you should consider Dublin as a great place to study as you approach Clearing*, including saving 1000s of pounds in fees.


(1) Your identity is in Christ, not your exam results. Paul says in Philippians 3:7-10 that his earthly achievements are ‘loss’ & ‘rubbish’ compared with the the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ and being found in him. What he has in Christ (righteousness, forgiveness, adoption, reconciliation, eternal life, fellowship with the Spirit etc) is far greater than earthly accolades, security or success.

(2) God works all things for the good of those who love him (Romans 8:28, Genesis 50:20, Philippians 1:12 & 19). This provides a great comfort for those who don’t get what they wanted to achieve as, although you might be disappointed, God has something else around the corner. To use Paul’s language in Philippians 1: something might have ‘happened’ to you, but God can use it to further his cause, to grow you in godliness and to redirect your path.

(3) God always gives you the grace and strength for the next chapter in your life (1 Corinthians 15:10, 2 Corinthians 4:7, Philippians 1:19, Philippians 4:11-13). Paul says in Philippians 1 that the prayers of God’s people and the Spirit of God gave him the support and the help he needed as he faced adverse situations.


(1) Because of the Guinness. It really does taste better than Guinness anywhere else in the whole world. Read this post for more details…

(2) Because the Irish love the ‘craic.’ What better place to study and have the time of your life than amongst the outgoing and fun-loving Irish, the most welcoming people in the world!

(3) Because of its vibrancy and beauty. Dublin is a city famous for its culture, history, tourism, music, sport and much more. It used to be famous for its Guinness and Jameson Whiskey factories but nowadays it’s better known as home to the European headquarters for Google, Facebook and many other worldwide, billion-dollar businesses. Dublin is also as beautiful as it is cosmopolitan. It has the picturesque River Liffey running through it and sandy beaches are only 15 minutes from the city centre. It is a short drive to the stunning Wicklow mountains and the West and South coasts of Ireland are breathtaking.

(4) Because there are 3 great universities in the city. Dublin is home to around 75,000 students. University College Dublin (UCD) on the southside (25,000 students); Trinity College Dublin (TCD) in the city centre (17,000 students); and Dublin City University (DCU) on the northside (11,000 students). There is also the Dublin Institute of Technology, which has around 22,000 students among its various campuses. So Dublin is geared up for students with 100s of different courses.

(5) Because you’ll end up with much less debt. Whilst living costs in Dublin may be higher than in the UK, tuition fees for EU residents are much cheaper. Studying in the UK could cost you up to £9,000 per year but most EU students studying in Dublin would pay student fees of around £2,000 per year. This means you could save up to £7000 a year and around £21,000 over 3 years! So whilst there may be higher costs in the short term for studying in Dublin, imagine what you could do with a long-term saving of £21,000?**

(6) Because we are planting a church in a unique time in Irish history. In recent years Ireland has seen turmoil at its core – political, economic and religious. The very foundations of society have started to crumble. This has led to a collapse in hope and identity. Over the last 12 months we have felt the stirring of the Holy Spirit to go and plant a church that is based on the Scriptures, empowered by the Holy Spirit and brings the message of God’s grace and hope in Christ to those in the city. This September a small group of us are starting on an exciting adventure of building a church that reaches 18-35 year olds, a church that has mission and discipleship at its foundation and a church that trains up this younger generation to be leaders in God’s church…and we would love YOU to join us. To find out more check out or e-mail

Could God be using what has ‘happened’ to you to redirect your path and start you on an exciting adventure to university and to church planting in Dublin?

If you think he is then please do pray, talk to your parents, friends, careers adviser and church leaders and then get in contact with us.

* The Irish equivalent of UCAS is CAO (Central Applications Office). In Ireland applicants are made offers after receiving their exam results (this week), and any available places will then be advertised on the CAO website.

** Please note that fees in Ireland aren’t incorporated into a student loan as they are in the UK and that you may not be eligible for the same loans that you could apply for in the UK.

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