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An Interview with Luke Smith (aka Cuz) – How to make the most of being a Christian Fresher

5 September 2012

So this week I get to interview not just a great friend and co-worker in the gospel but a family member, Luke Smith, known to me as ‘Cuz.’ Cuz has been a great encouragement, challenge and inspiration to me as well as a superb friend and cousin. It is fantastic to see how G2 and Fusion are flourishing under his leadership. Additionally Cuz has just added another ‘cuz’ to the family as his wife Hannah gave birth to their second child Aaron just 11 days ago (older brother is called Morgan).

(1) Hi Luke tell us who you are, your history, what you do & your most favourite thing about Dublin?

I am a husband, dad, son, friend. I grew up in York and spend most of my time there still. I work with Fusion helping churches to do great stuff with students and I also help to lead our local church. My most favourite thing about Dublin is the live music, the golf and the Irish cousins.

(2) Who have been your inspirations growing up and who do you enjoying reading?

The people who have inspired me most are pioneers who forge a path in culture where it was previously overgrown. People like the Desert Fathers, John Wesley, St Ignatius and David Watson all created pathways for people to encounter God where previously that wasn’t an option. Something within me resonates with that because I believe the status quo in the church is never worth settling for. Until Jesus returns, let’s keep creating new ways of expressing ancient truths, let’s keep a focus on those who do not yet know God’s love for them. I am reading a lot of Richard Rohr at the moment on male spirituality because many men have walked away from the church or have never been drawn to it. We need to address this problem.

(3) You work for Fusion which aims to reach out and disciple students through the local church, tell us some of the biggest challenging facing Christian students today?

In 2 Corinthians 5:7, Paul reminds us that we live by faith, not by sight. And yet, our student culture is more image obsessed than any before it and is interested in what it can see and experience. I believe that is a huge challenge to Christian students today. It is so much easier to value that which is seen, felt or understood than it is to worship that which is invisible, not always felt and at times incomprehensible. But that tension is one that is worth persevering with, as people have done for centuries. People want to believe in what they can prove because it makes them feel safe.

(4) What is the BEST THING a Christian fresher can do a University?

My advice to a Christian fresher is tell your house mates that you are a Christian as soon as possible (don’t expect them to be impressed) then be the life and soul of every party (watch them be affected over the first year)!

(5) You are also part of the leadership team of G2, tell us how are you try to do mission, community and discipleship

At G2, we have a Sunday celebration, Clusters (missional communities) and Cell Groups which meet in people’s homes. People also meet up together for accountability and personal study.In everything we do, we try not to use jargon or be weird!

(6) What are your hopes for Fusion and G2 in the next few years?

I hope that Fusion will continue to shape church culture so that it becomes the norm to prepare young people for university and welcome students when they arrive at uni. I also hope that we will see many more church plants involving students and even led by students. I hope that G2 will plant a church out as part of that big picture.

You can follow Luke @luke20smith and check out Fusion @loveyouruni ( or G2 @G2york

Just so you didn’t miss it, don’t miss out on the invaluable advice on how to make the most of being a Christian Fresher

My advice to a Christian fresher is tell your house mates that you are a Christian as soon as possible (don’t expect them to be impressed) then be the life and soul of every party (watch them be affected over the first year)!

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