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Why Dublin? 6 months on!

20 March 2013

We’re coming up to 6 months in Dublin so I wanted to update you on how this new adventure of ours is going – you can read about the start of the journey here

Leadership Training

On a personal note Leanne and I have found coming to Dublin a huge thrill. We love the city, the people, the sea, the culture, the potato bread (farls), the Guinness, the Aviva stadium and so much more. We enjoy the city and are glad to call it our new home. Additionally the kids have settled in well and are starting to make friends. We feel very excited to be here and are looking forward to being here for the long-term.

In terms of work, moving from a full-time job in the church/charity sector into business, software and sales has been eye-opening, and again a HUGE thrill. My next post will actually be on the comparisons of the two lines of work (and rather surprisingly there will be lots of similarities). But overall I have really enjoyed my first 3 months at Oracle and look forward to continuing to discover how “faith and business” intersect (and hopefully hitting my targets!!).

In terms of church, whilst only at the beginning of what we are doing, we feel very aware of the need. One of the reasons we came to Dublin was that it seems to be a time in Irish history where new expressions of church are needed to engage the younger (18-35s) generation, and that is certainly what we have found. From talking to people at work, down the pub, in the shops or playgroups we have often spoken to people who haven’t necessarily given up on God but aren’t connecting with the church of their childhood.

A recent article in the Irish times revealed that only 17% of 18-34-year-olds attend weekly mass but 87% of them did believe in God. Whilst a hunger for God exists, many people no longer pursue a journey into knowing God through the church. Our prayer is that people’s search for God will once again lead them into life-giving Christian Community.

We currently gather every week in our home for food, games, sung worship, bible study and prayer and can see the start of the church that we have always dreamed of.

As our website says, we are seeking to bring spiritual, cultural and social renewal to the city of Dublin and want our church to be defined by mission, discipleship, community and movement.

Anyway, now that I am settling into my job, I hope (?) to start blogging again. I hope!

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