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Baptism – A Life Transformed

19 May 2014

Max BaptismThis Sunday just gone we had our first baptism service at Christ City Church. You can read about why we baptise people here and see more photos on our facebook page. I asked Max, who came to me 3 weeks ago asking whether I would baptise him before he headed back to France, if I could publish his story on my blog. I said I would baptise him and I am very glad to say that he said I could publish his testimony of coming to faith and wanting to get baptised. This is what he read out before we plunged him into the water. Enjoy!

Hi my name is Max, I am going to be get baptised today and this is why.

I was born and raised in France. My mother was from a Catholic background but she wasn’t Christian. She brought me up with Christian values, but I wasn’t a Christian either. In fact I did not really care about Christianity, I even mistrusted people who talked to me about Jesus/God.

However things started to change in 2006, when I was 10 years old when other members of my family started to believe in God after facing many troubles. I started to go to church and study the bible. I met lots of nice people but I quickly lost my interest.

In the next years, I underwent many painful experiences and eventually got diagnosed of OCD, a mental illness that really hampered my life for a while and still affects me today. I then turned to God and decided to put more trust in him. But I was in truth “resorting to God” only when I had problems, and the rest of the time neglecting his presence and his Word. In fact most of my teenage years were marked by how I hated people, stole things and used lots of bad language.

However all this started to change when I came to Dublin in 2013 as part of an Erasmus programme. I felt suddenly more interested in Christianity again and decided to join a Christian student society in UCD-my university and other groups and started to learn about the gospel.

But it wasn’t enough, consequently when I went through an awful depression in Winter 2013, I almost denied the existence of any God and fell really low. To have some rest, I went back to France for the holidays and read a Christian book that a cool friend gave me before I left, it’s called “Unmerited Favour”, and was written by Joseph Prince, a Singaporean pastor. And thanks to that book, my life got transformed. I realised that Jesus was trying to save me but I just wanted to reject Him and sort myself out alone.

As I read the book I understood what it mean for God to send his only Son to Earth to die in suffering, in order to prevent the punishment we all deserved due to our neglecting of God and our unholy and violent behavior.

At that moment I can say I REALLY became a Christian and gave my whole life to Jesus

When I went back to Dublin for the second semester, I decided to join Christ City Church and I started to grow in confidence and understand how Jesus wanted to change my life. I also developed a love for the bible as a path for my life.

As I now look back on my life I can see that Jesus has kept me alive and kept me going. He saved me when I was in depression, He made me happy again, He helped and supported me a lot in my life, He took my burden when I was about to crumble.

I also came to realise how Jesus is the key for salvation. For me, the old covenant given to Moses long ago was no longer valid as Jesus made a new covenant with us.

The big difference is a personal resurrection, I put an end to my former life and got renewed with Jesus.

I consider I have a New Life. I do not identify myself anymore to the functioning of this world. I think I don’t belong anymore to this world. I want to follow Jesus and receive his blessings now and for eternal life when I’ll meet Him. I now realise that without Jesus my suffering would have been far worse

Since becoming a Christian my life has changed in 3 main ways

Firstly I am more confident. I have always been an idealist, but I lost complete confidence and hope when I realized that by myself I wouldn’t change anything, and this made me become violent and aggressive. Now that I am a Christian, I am able to do good around me without this being constantly giving up and I know in Heaven the existence of the ideal world I had been looking for.

Secondly my character has changed – God has made me I decided to be gentler, wiser, humbler, even when I don’t receive the same back off other people. However I still have a long way to go and I’d like to grow in my faith, especially in the areas of anxiety and forgiveness. I am a very anxious person and I want to learn to trust God more for the future. I’d also like to be less and less resentful towards people who hurt me.

Thirdly I have new ambitions – My goal is to know always more, and to change always more my knowledge about Christ. I have decided to let Jesus do everything for me without fearing the days to come.

Following Christ is however not always easy, especially about forgiveness and fear for me. I enjoy behaving kindly and trying to imitate Christ but of course I don’t enjoy being morally assaulted, insulted, beaten even or having to forgive my enemies. I think it’s one of the inevitable things to do when we follow Christ, we have to carry our cross with us.

The main reason I want to get baptised is because it is prescribed by our Lord Jesus and I want to mark my new life as a Christian in the way he told us how.

Thank you for listening.

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